“Ritardi.0”: PON initiative on July 15-16 at Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome.

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Ritardi.0″ for the implementation of Ponrec is becoming reality, which will be officially presented on July 15-16 inside the event “PON R&C meets MIUR projects” at Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome.

With this document, PONREC not only wants to describe the complexity of the activity connected to the project procedures, but it also wants to present real solutions, which will allow to reset the delay within June 2014. We had enough of a project which does not work, which is always late and which does not constitute an opportunity for the citizen but another obstacle, we want a competent administration and fair results.
What is new on the project is also the observation of critical points and its analysis. No more incompetent solutions, the project is now subject to public consultation, thanks to an online diffusion, which will allow to gather opinions, suggestion and proposals from anyone who is interested, so that to reach our goals through the participation of the collectivity to the project.

Some of the solutions to stop all delays, which have already been adopted, are: Ponrec CEO created the Project Officer, a new profile which has never been used in Public Administration. It is an active management role, which suggests solutions and resolves problems by respecting deadlines, thanks to the interaction of every part involved.

Other solutions were: simplify procedures, which has an important role with easier formats, which can be easily used, but also more care in improving technological support, which will be adopted really soon. Among these solutions there is also the implementation of a cooperation Platform for informal communication. A relevant position is also played by the use of social networks like Twitter, which had already been adopted by PONREC, Tumblr, Branch.com, Seeclickfix which could stimulate more openness of all the involved parties.

Not only transparence and Open data, now in Piazzale Kennedy, we promote “Operation Efficiency”.



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