I-AMICA Observatories are contributing to the “World Air Quality” Project

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In the framework of the Project PON I-AMICA, the Environmental-Climatic Observatories at Lamezia Terme (Calabria), capo Granitola (Sicily) and Lecce (Apulia) are contributing to the “World Air Quality” Project. These Observatories are providing near real-time information about atmospheric pollutant levels (O3, NO2, SO2, PM25, PM10 and meteo parameters).

The “World Air Quality” Project (http://aqicn.org) was started in 2007 and its core team is located in Beijing (china). The Project aim is to promote, by implementing an easy-to-use visualization tool,  free information concerning the air quality recorded by 16000 measurement station in the World.


The web-based visualization tool allows to obtain, for each measurement station, the Current Air Quality Index (using the US EPA instant-case scale) as well as individual air quality indexes for each observed pollutants in the last 48 hours.

Currently, the three I-AMICA Environmental-Climatic Observatories (WMO/GAW Regional Stations) together with the Climatic Observatory “O. Vittori” at Mt. Cimone (WMO/GAW Global Station), are the only Italian measurement stations contributing to this initiative (http://aqicn.org/map/italy/).

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