March 22-23, 2016: exceptional Saharan sandstorm over the Mediterranean.

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A Saharan sandstorm developed in the deserts of Libya and Tunisia has mobilized considerable sand content transporting them over the Mediterranean, Italy and Southern Europe.

In particular, on March 22 the Observatory of Granitola recorded a daily concentration that exceeded 110 micrograms / m3 as shown in the graph below. The intense event was recorded from 18 to 22 LT with temperatures that reached 18 ° C. The other observatory instruments devoted to chemical and physical atmospheric aerosol observations recorded exceptional values for the “coarse” particulates as well as the scattering coefficient.

MODIS+CGranitola 2016-03-22

The MODIS satellite images of March 22, 2016  illustrate the intense transport of sand from the Sahara.


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