Forecast on air quality (PM10) – Convergence Regions [provisional version IA1.0]

Air quality forecasts over the Convergence Regions

The temporal evolution for the following 72 hours of PM10 (particulate matter with diameter smaller than 10 μm) concentration at ground level is represented in the animations generated by the modeling system WRF/CHIMERE respectively:


1) PM10 [μg/m3] total particulate matter

2) pDUST [μg/m3] aerosol fraction from arid and/or desert soils

3) pSALT [μg/m3] aerosol fraction from sea surface even called “sea spray”

4) pBCAR [μg/m3] aerosol fraction from combustion related to antropogenic activities

the white denotes low concentrations, the red the higher ones (black very high)


Time series for the eight I-AMICA sampling sites for the three days forecast for:

1. air temperature and precipitation

2. ozone and black carbon concentrations at ground level

3. aerosols optical depth and PM (both PM2.5 and PM10) 


High resolution image of the eight sampling sites can be downloaded at  following link link

A short description of modeling system is available at this link  Short_description


The  reported data are provided for non-profit purposes. They can be used for research activities with no specific autorizations, but is mandatory to accept these conditions:

1 cite the project as: PON I-AMICA,

2 they can not be used for profit purposes

3 the reported figures can not be modified  

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