The Project

High technology infrastructure for Integrated Climatic-Environmental monitoring

The I-AMICA project started in January 2012 inside the National Operation Program “Ricerca e Competitività” (Research and Competitiveness) 2007-2013.

I‐AMICA is characterized by the implementation of an integrated climatic-environmental monitoring facility to provide the Convergence Regions with useful facilities and tools which can upgrade operational standards and the public research system thus encouraging the development of entrepreneurial activities. The infrastructure will supply useful information for decision regarding the environment and environment management.

I‐AMICA is provided with high technological content that can develop and strengthen excellent labs that help creating new instruments and tools, mobile and portable platforms for environmental measures, with their development or adaptation to the needs of climatic and environmental monitoring.

I-AMICA promotes networking with national labs, promoting cooperation that go beyond regions, and a connection with European and international projects and programs in the climatic-environmental field. In detail, the I-AMICA infrastructure network wants to be the center of Infrastructures of European Research and on a global scale.

I-AMICA promotes a High Training Program with the purpose to train the participants on the technical and scientific aspects of the monitoring activity, technological and instrumental aspects and training for industrial and productive activities.

PON I-AMICA Project in a few words

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Sintesi I-AMICA 2014

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