Research – Innovation – Higher Training

The main idea of the I-AMICA Infrastructure (called here I-AMICA) is based on interventions of remodeling and strengthening in the Convergence regions so that to promote, strengthen and develop structures and tools. Strengthening interventions comprehend integrated platforms and mobile stations for environment records, sensors and tools, cloud computing systems etc., that are useful to monitors the weather and the environment in the Mediterranean region and other highly influenced areas of the Planet.

The PON I-AMICA is made up of four Implementation Objectives which regard Structural Strengthening and a High Training program. The objectives have the purpose to strengthen the observation Structures for the climatic-environmental monitoring (OI1) and promote Innovation, technologic development, industrial transfer (OI2) to raise competitiveness on a national and international level, also thanks to the integration of the satellite observation network of international infrastructures (OI3) with the most important international programs around. The strengthening and development of technological applications and environmental services (OI4) in the Convergence areas allows the local administrations to put in place information and tools that can support fair policies of environment mitigation.

Research I-AMICA strengthens the competencies of public research bodies, like CNR, to improve environmental research, supporting the implementation of facilities dedicated to the climatic-environmental, atmospheric, agro-forestry, maritime-coastal monitoring and the implementation of new analysis systems. This will allow, in a direct and indirect way, all the activities related to the environment in the Convergence regions, and a socio-economic development in these regions.


Thanks to the strengthening of facilities, labs and scientific-technological infrastructures (see pic), I-AMICA raises the awareness of the weather-atmosphere system, together with the monitoring of the agro-forestry and maritime-coastal ecosystems, which are particularly vulnerable in the Mediterranean area. At the same time, parallel calculus, Grid computing and Cloud computing with high performances based on last generation components, have been strengthen so that to implement simulations and applications to different quantities, while offering solutions for processing and storage of information that are similar to the ones present in many European labs.

Innovation  I-AMICA is characterized by a high technological content that can develop, in the Convergence regions, a highly advanced center for the implementation of sensors and tools, mobile platforms for environmental measures, developing or adapting them to the monitoring in rural or remote areas. This center wants to become an the main point for companies that want not only to produce specific products, but also use the competencies acquired here, that can find application in diversified fields.

High Training The High Training program developed with I-AMICA promotes classes that deal with the technical and scientific aspects of the climatic monitoring activity, the technological and instrumental aspects and management and financial training.

It allows the transfer of the different competencies of the I-AMICA project to the trainees, with particular attention to the productive and industrial aspects and public administration. Financial training allows the trainees to acquire excellent competencies to fully enter the productive world.

Below you can see the Training Objectives (TO) which are defined for each OI.


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