Offshoring research: national and international projects and programs

The implementation of the I-AMICA observation system constitutes an important support for important agencies like: EEA (European Environmental Agency), ESA (European Space Agency), ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana), UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), WMO (World Meteorological Organization), ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale). In fact, in these programs, like in the programs of the EU inside the “Framework Program for Research” (FP), I-AMICA supports activities that are part of these programs or researches, thanks to the upgrade which will allow such interaction.

This will allow to support and favor an internationalization of the scientific research in the Convergence Regions, so that to promote sustainable development, training to young people to help entrepreneurs and policymakers.

The R&D will benefit from these interactions and especially the Scientific Technologic I-AMICA EvK2CNR Lab to present results and technologies implemented during researches to the market. Because of the close connection between CNR and research, it will be possible to offer and develop new products in the environmental technology field.

Click on this link to access a full list of mainly international projects and programs with which I-AMICA cooperates, by supporting their activity with researches, measures, observations, studies developed in the Convergence Regions, thanks to the strengthening of the MIUR project.

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