Project Structure

Structural upgrading project called I-AMICA is divided into four Implementation Objectives (OI):

  • OI1 – Observation System for environmental climate monitoring

Structural implementation and strengthening of observation climatic-environmental infrastructures in the Convergence Regions.

  • OI2 – Innovation, Technological Development, Industrial Transfer

Infrastructure planning of the labs dedicated to the implementation of new sensors for the climatic-environmental field.

  • OI3 – Satellite Observation Network on International Infrastructure

Networking of infrastructures implemented in the Convergence regions by assuring the connection between national labs and the most important European and international environmental Projects and Programs.

  • OI4 – Technological Application and environment services

Strengthening and implementation of technological application and services supporting the Convergence Regions to better define the contribution that different processes can have in altering environmental and climatic conditions.

The structure of the Implementation Objectives has been defined so that I-AMICA implements and promotes an integrated observation infrastructure which high national and international visibility. It can, starting from the infrastructure strengthening of labs and measure stations, cover all the aspects connected to monitoring, technological applications and services for the environment related to the climatic-environmental field, innovation and technological development.

All the Implementation Objectives are strictly connected to one another, like it shows in Picture 1, where the connections with the external world are highlighted:

Scientific Department, Companies

 Institutional End-users.


Connection scheme of the I-AMICA Implementation Objective.

Locating the I-AMICA monitoring super sites as far as reference areas of the project in the Convergence Regions are concerned, regarding:

  • Atmospheric and weather monitoring stations
  • Atmospheric profiling stations
  • Mobile stations and set-up boxes
  • Agro-forestry monitoring stations

Siti Monitoraggio

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