The Project I-AMICA

Name of the Project


Infrastruttura di Alta tecnologia per il Monitoraggio Integrato Climatico-Ambientale

Infrastructure of High Technology for Integrated Climate and Environmental Monitoring


DURATION: 36 months

Start date January 1, 2012

End date December 31, 2014

Amount of funding: € 13,237,200.00, of which:

Strengthening project: € 12,047,000.00

Training project: € 1,189,800.00


Implementing party: National Research Council – Department of Earth Environment, Dr. Enrico Brugnoli

Responsible of the project: Dr. Paolo Bonasoni

Responsible for the training program:  Dr. Claudia Roberta Calidonna

Technical-scientific Secretariat: Dr. Serena Zaniboni

Head of the Administrative Office: Dr. Jennifer Urbinati


Coordinator of Development Objective 1 (OR1): Dr. Angela Marinoni

Coordinator  of Development Objective 2 (OR2): Dr. Laura Giordano

Coordinator of Development Objective 3 (OR3): Dr. Gelsomina Pappalardo

Coordinator of Development Objective 4 (OR4): Dr. Carlo Calfapietra

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