Napoli Capodimonte – Agro-forestry site

Site description

Naples is one of the most densely populated European cities and as a consequence environmental quality is often compromised with repercussions on people’s health. Availability of green areas is an important element for the requalification of the urban environment. Other than its known aesthetic and recreational functions, urban green is essential for other important processes, like CO2 absorption but above all absorption of atmospheric pollutants like ozone, particulate, nitrous oxide and others. The implementation of an observation site close by an urban park is definitely an important area for research to monitor both the effects of atmospheric composition on trees in the city and mitigation process of trees on CO2 and main pollutants emissions.

The implementationNapoli_1 of a monitoring CNR-IBAF site on urban forest will allow the gathering of information about the contribution of vegetation to the formation and removal of pollutants in densely populated areas and highly urbanized areas in Campania. The site will be located inside the Capodimonte Park, with the purpose to monitor the CO2 removal and BVOC emissions (biogenetic volatile organic components) which can act as ozone precursors. Pollutants (ozone, NOx , BVOC) will be monitored in the research area, inside the urban centers and areas which witness air masses transportation. Micrometeorological and meteorological measurements will help formulate forecast algorithms and models on the impacts of trees on CO2 removal in highly urbanized areas (where these measurements are lacking), and on the removal of secondary pollutants like ozone and particulate. Isotopic measurements will help identify allocation strategies, resistance time and potential of carbon segregation in urban ecosystems, highlighting absorptions and emissions.


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